Life's Meaning and Challenges

Enrich your understanding of life’s meaning and challenges. Life is explained as a morality play to assure the development of our spiritual nature, where love is the only reality as part of our creator’s spirit within us. You will gain insights into the events of your life and those of others.


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Books on Life's Meaning 

Dr. Ozkaptan’s books deal with an explanation of the dimensions of human life and existence. They describe the wisdom which is characteristic of major philosphers and religious figures throughout history.  They can be likened to a state of mind whereby ones lifelong experiences emerge to form a new state of perception and consciousness. It is an integration, better yet a harmony, of various beliefs about notions of morality, spirituality and social governance.

 He entangles ideas from Christianity, Islam, evolutionary psychology, psychoanalytic theory, and mythology to present a set of principles to live by consistent with transcendence, yet more palatable for our times.  It is a refreshing break from our digital, mechanistic way of thinking about why we are here.  It personifies the emergent nature of our universe and the self-organizing forces which strive to give order to chaos.

His books answer such important questions as: the purpose of our existence on earth; the meaning and sustainment of true love; the raising of well-adjusted children; the development and reasons for courage and heroism; the achievement of success through personal resolve; and the source of human spirituality. The reasons for sin, suicide and homosexuality are explained. Heaven and hell are described. The source of our consciousness is discussed. The similarities of Islam, Christianity and Judaism are presented. Through one or more of these books, you will gain insights into the reasons for your own experiences and those of others. They will enrich your understanding of life, and the importance of your personal development and responsibility for the gift of life. Ozkaptan gives hope for the preservation of the mysteries of living by the eternal spirit which resides within all of us.

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Hal Ozkaptan, PhD

Dr. Ozkaptan (aka Dr. Oz) received a BA degree from Queens College, a MA degree from Fordham University and a PhD degree from Catholic University. He was an aerospace system engineer at Republic Aviation, Grumman Aircraft and Chief of Human Factors at Martin Marietta Corporation. Later he became a Research Program Director at Navy and Army Research Laboratories and an advisor to the senior Army leadership in Europe. He was an adjunct Graduate School Professor at Schiller University, Maryland University, Catholic University and a Graduate Faculty Scholar at the University of Central Florida. He is an internationally invited speaker and was in the Army during the Korean War. He is the author of seven books and numerous technical articles. He and his wife Elinor have four children and six grandchildren.

Contact Information

For information and comments, please contact Dr. Ozkaptan at: or 321-868-4585

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Wisdom of the Soul and Life's Challenges

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Consciousness, Source of Creation, Spirituality and Eternal Life

Consciousness Source of Creation, Spirituality & Eternal Life
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Islam and the Koran

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