Conquering Fear

Conquering Fear: Development of Courage in Soldiers and Other High Risk Occupations


A soldier’s combat performance pivots on his courage. Without it, all other combat qualities may be forfeited. A soldier’s duty is in essence an act of courage, which cannot be counted on in every soldier and in every situation.  How then does an Army maintain that fragile heart of courage in their own soldiers, while destroying the will and courage of their enemy? Military leaders have recognized that it is the will of the soldier that is decisive. Combat is a mutual and sustained act of will between contending parties. A battle is usually decided when the soldier, or one side, loses its moral resolution to stand and fight. This book describes the factors that contribute to the soldier’s will and spirit to persevere in combat. A framework is presented relative to the Army training model of Leader, Individual and Collective Training to meet this goal, the demands of the modern battlefield and the expectations of your soldiers. A set of principles, with illustrative techniques, are presented to provide an insight into ways of developing and harnessing a soldier’s courage. The rationale for these considerations is also presented, so that you and your sub-ordinate leaders understand the importance of these principles, and can act on them with confidence.