Islam and the Koran

Islam and the Koran: Described and Defended

Regardless of a person’s religion, all religious persons are the same as persons of faith. Unfortunately, fanatics of any religion tarnish and distort their reputed religion. Today, Islam is being maligned in the Western world due the actions of a few of its professed adherents and the self-serving agendas of other religious and national figures. This book describes Moslem beliefs and the Koran. The reasons for its appeal directly to the heart of Moslems without the need for intermediaries and other dogmas are explained. The information is presented in relation to Christianity and Judaism. The message of the Koran is abstracted and presented with illustrative quotes by subject matter. The religious, political and secular forces that distort the message of Islam are discussed. The reader will understand why Islam will soon become the most populous religion in the world, due to its message that appeals directly to the spirit of its adherents.