Life's Purpose

Life’s Purpose: Development of Your Living and Eternal Spirit

Life’s Purpose addresses the dimensions of human life and how man is created as part of God's spirit and its governing role in a person’s life. While man shares God’s love and creativity, he is challenged to grow in spiritual perfection and love. It presents how life is a morality play that determines both the positive and negative events in a person’s life. Questions such as why am I here, am I helpless against random forces, what is love, why do bad things happen are addressed.  It personifies the emergent nature of our universe and the self-organizing forces which strive to give order to chaos.  It is a combination of philosophical and spiritual thought that captures the essence of all religions and cautions against their weaknesses. It is an integration of various beliefs about notions of morality, religion and social governance. It asserts that people are not victims except for their own thoughts and behavior. The moral implications of suicide and abortion are explained. It entangles ideas from Christianity, Islam, evolutionary psychology, psychoanalytic theory to present a set of principles to live by that is palatable for our times. It provides a moral guide and a message of hope and love. It will help to re-awaken, reinforce and release the power of the reader’s spirit.