Overcoming Life's Struggles for Success and Happiness


Learn how to navigate the inevitable obstacles and challenges that you will be faced with in Life

This book discusses the need for resolve, if a person is to overcome life’s challenges and struggles to achieve success. It is oriented to recent college graduates and those in their thirties (or younger millennials) regarding considerations for success in addition to their education.  Your lives will be one of rational and emotional choices in a world of social reality and obstacles. Your natural goals will be to achieve success and happiness. An implicit requirement in this quest will be the development of your potential and self-realization.  You will also be challenged by life’s events in order to grow and develop your character and moral worth. Ultimately, the achievement of your goals will be a function of your resolve and perseverance as you engage in the adventure of life.  Your resolve will depend upon the interaction of your conscious thoughts, faith, beliefs and spiritual underpinnings. The following material brings attention to this important aspect in your lives.